nela's homepage

hello! i am an undergraduate robotics student and a bit of a nerd. i also have a sticker shop!

i am interested in a lot of different things, here's a (non-exhaustive, alphabetised) list for your enjoyment

this site is purposefully completely handwritten html and css! i think that using frameworks or generators or stuff distracted me a bit. im happy to return to this lofi and clunky method. it has its quirks and its cute. i will be adding to it whenever i feel like it. hopefully i dont get fed up with it very quickly as i have with many of its predecessors.

me, elsewhere

i have github although the quality is debatable. you can also see what books i have (wip). also on mastodon or whatever. occasionally contribute on wikimedia commons. citizen of

heart icon - non-binary pride flag bad html markup this site is miku approved miaow! kitten's korner vocaloid now! trans rats