hello! i’m nela, i am an undergraduate robotics student and a bit of a nerd. i am in love with fable

a portrait of nela with cat ears
name nela
pronouns they/she
status silly :3

i am interested in a lot of different things, here’s a (non-exhuastive, alphabetised) list for your enjoyment.

  • art and craft – i dabble in watercolours and drawing and pastels and whittling and crocheting. fun ways to spend time
  • design – i really like graphic design. i especially love print design. the satisfaction of creating something and then seeing it in print is priceless. i also like typography and try to think of my own fonts! (only on paper though)
  • drugs – im interested in the legislation around drugs and the human drive to alter your own consciousness
  • electronics – duh im a robotics student. i like making circuits! it’s very fun to design something for a purpose and then it does the thing!
  • mathematics – i think proofs are pretty and satisfying. the abstract is a lovely place to reside
  • music – i play piano and pipe organ and “play” the recorder, ukulele, melodica, venova, oboe, you get the idea. I like jazz, rock, romantic (as in the period), ambient, medieval (and historical in general), and experimental stuff. I’m wanting to make myself a pair of auli
  • mycology – i think mushrooms are very cool and i like hunting for, and then eating them! this is an extension of my love for being able to identify living things and the fact that there is so much to discover about them
  • mythology – i love learning about ancient cultures, religions, and folklore by exploring myths
  • programming – i like trying out new languages and making little trinkets.
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